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Extracted pages from the Collection "Prestige of the contemporary Painting and Sculpture in the World " 
Published from Editions Arts and Images of the World, Paris, 1992 


Aurelia Pusar

Born on the 13 june 1948 in Pola (Croatia), Aurelia PUSAR, Italian artist, is at the same time watercolorist, graphic designer, etcher and painter. 

Vocational training

Self-taught. She begins her search to the age of 30 years; dealt subject then: the landscape. 


The first jobs that make to know her debut have been executed in year 1981. 
Aurelia PUSAR exposes for the first time in 1983 in Salsomaggiore Terme (Italy). 
General characteristics of the works: lyric abstractionism, figurative  narrative, symbolism. 

Main exposures: 

  • Collective exhibitions : 

Palace of the Common of Hong-Kong, (Hong Kong, 1986) 
Kaiser Hall (Vienna, Austria, 1991) 
Westminster Hall (London, Great Britain, 1991) 
Hall Duseure-Vaneau (Paris, 1991) 
Fifth International Exposition of Sacred Art (Czestochowa, Polonia, 1991) 

  • International days of the Mediterranean (Tunisi, Tunisia, 1991) 
  • XXV Olympic Games of Barcelona - Masters of the Contemporary Italian Art Protagonists (Barcelona, Spain, 1992) 
  • Universal Expo of Seville (Seville, Spain, 1992) 
  • Atlanta Art Buyers Caravan (Atlanta, U.S.A, 1996) 
  • Expo New York - 2000 (New York, U.S.A, 2000) 
  • Information for information (not present in the publication originates them)
  • Personal exhibitions : 

Thermal Plant (Tabiano Terme, Italy, 1983) 
Gallery "La Soffitta" (Salsomaggiore Terme, Italy, 1985) 
Cultural center of the School of Journalism (Turin, Italy, 1986) 

  • Prizes and Acknowledgments 

Plate of the Regional Council of the Lombardy (Bormio, Italy, 1982) 
Gold medal of the City of Manciano (Manciano, Italy, 1982) 
Plate of the Ministry of the Tourism and Show (Salsomaggiore, Italy, 1983) 
Special mention to XXXV International Exposition of the Italian Graphics (Hong Kong, 1986) 

  • 1°Prize " Famous Artists in the World " - Institute for artistic and cultural assets (Viareggio, Italy, 1991) 
  • The rose of gold of the desert of Tunisi (Djerba - Hammamet - Tunisi, 1992) 
  • Information for information (not present in the publication originates them) 

In order to see works of Aurelia PUSAR : Casale 46 - 10131 Turin, Italy - phone number: 0039-011-8196687 

Aurelia Pusar

Oneiric visions


Aurelia PUSAR is an artist with varied and amazing resources. 

Her works are the fruit of one inner wealth, of one sensitive and spontaneous creativity. It does not obey that to a single obligation: the natural instinct. 

Figurative, symbolic, lyric, post-expressionist, her art knows different notes, at last to arrive to its final purpose: the representation to the service of the memory. 

This painter is therefore the interpreter of the nature and the origins of the life. 

She does not obey to any logic, she expresses her pulsions with the drawings, the colors and the unknown writings, next to the ancient languages. 

The compositions of Aurelia PUSAR take the shape of ancient woven tapestries for the originality of the supports: papyruses, glasses, drapes. 

The materials she uses are the preambles to the expression of an archaic world. 

The work has therefore a mystical accent that reinforces the game with the color and the light, the fineness of the section, the obsession of the calligraphic signs (Oriental or Indian). 

The landscapes, the visions, the figures, are the reasons of an oneiric painting with the primitive iconic structures. 

A magical atmosphere is expanded from the tapestries of Aurelia PUSAR where the mysterious apparitions and the enigmatic encounters bewitch and capture us in her world in the expectation of the pulsions and the vibrations of the immaterial. 


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